◆ In June of 2004, the rent of 4000 square meters workshop was completed. 2 production lines of wet wipe and one of alcohol wipes was purchased. Wet wipes were put into production in September.

◆ In March of 2005, ISO 9001 quality management system certified and the certificate was obtained. Certificate of MHLW was obtained in June and alcohol wipes were put into production in July. 3 production lines of wet wipes were added at the same time.

◆ From 2006 to 2007, wet wipes production scale was expanded and 5 production lines were added.

◆ In 2008, the second building of factory was put into construction and 12 production lines was renewed or added.

◆ In 2009, production of medical auxiliary was registered. The application for Hygiene License for Production Enterprises of diapers, antimicrobial (microbe-inhibiting) lotions and cosmetics was completed and put into production. 7 new production lines were added. We are developing wiping cloth for electronic products, plastic soft packaging products and proximate matter.