Our Competitive Edge


Technologic Advantage:  Exploiting new products rely on the technology is the base of cooperation between Borage and Brand owner. Having strong team of R&D with the researcher ranging from precise chemical and technology,biology project, material chemical, food inspection, Setting up the building of R&D with the professional lab of animalcule and the lab of physics and chemical, which impels us to make the design of formula and the inspection of safe capacity by ourselves.In addition ,we have also set up the cooperation of technology with soochow university,anhui university,nanjing chemical and technology college as well as world well-known brand such as Koning,Clariant,BASF and ect. with the ability of research and develop new products independently according to market demand.

Management Advantage:  As Professional OEM of daily chemical commodities, we pay great attention to market demand as well as benefits of our partners who own the brands. Higher demand is posted on our QC and cost control. To improve quality and performance, we have established QC system on the standard of ISO9001and obtained the certificate in March 2005 and finished transition in 2008. We accept the second party as brand owner’s inspection and inspection from the third party as SGS, CQC and NQA every year. In financial management, we have carried out cost center policy. In production, we have implemented management of lean production model. In performance, we have put responsibility system into effect.
Scale Advantage: we have more than 30 production lines so that we can produce wet wipes of various specifications.

Scale Advantages: Our markets cover more than 30 countries and regions. Wet wipes include adult wipes, baby wipes, pet wipes, household wipes and so on. We have 5 production lines of cosmetics that can be engaged in the production of skincare, beauty and hair lotion. Medical auxiliaries cover the production of alcohol wipes, Medical disinfectant and medical cotton. And we produce hand sanitizer and changing diapers. Disposable products, cosmetics and medical auxiliaries have familiar marketing channel so that more business chances will be provided to brand owners.